I love going out to eat, and trying all of the new and wonderful places that open every week in Montreal. From popular new haunts to comfort food classics, I’m ready to try them all. I’ve gone so far as to decide that I’m on a personal mission to eat my way through every Montreal restaurant — or at least try to.

However, eating out on a regular basis can be a very expensive habit. Luckily for us Montrealers, there are a ton of spots in the city where you can eat without going over your budget.

As a matter of fact, there are restaurants all over the city where you can sit down and order a massive plate full of food for under $10. From delicious pho spots to classic diner haunts to shish taouk restaurants, there are a ton of offerings for those who want to eat on a budget. Not to mention that eating on a budget does not have to look cheap. There are a lot of restaurants on this list where you could easily take a date without looking broke.

We’ve compiled our favourite spots to eat for under $10 in Montreal in one list for your scrolling pleasure. Read on to learn more about our most beloved cheap eats.

Ma Poule Mouillée

Where: 969 rue Rachel E.

What: Ma Poule is a go-to if you want a plate with more food on it than you could possibly finish in a sitting for real cheap. Get a chicken sandwich to yourself, or split one of their humongous poutines with a friend. Whatever you do, you have to get some natas for desert.

Check out their menu!

Lan Zhou Noodles

Where: 1006, blvd. St-Laurent

What: For a heaping bowl of delicious, hand-pulled noodles made fresh in store, there’s no better place than Lan Zhou. They have quite a few menu items under $10, so you can get your fill without emptying your wallet.

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Thali Cuisine Indienne

Where: 1409, rue St-Marc

What: At this restaurant in the heart of the Guy-Concordia area, you can get wraps, biryani, tandoori and a host of other plates for uner $10. It’s a great haunt for students on a budget.

Check it out!


Where: Locations throughout the city

What: You probably already know that Warehouse’s menu is fixed at $5.95. If you didn’t, you’re welcome. The veggie burgers and the pierogies are two dishes that I’ll reach for again and again.

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Pho Bang New York

Where: 1001, blvd. St-Laurent

What: Pho Bang’s huge soup bowls all ring up at $8.50 or less. For that price, you can even splurge on some spring rolls too. Just remember that it is cash only!

Check out the menu!


Where: 4051, rue St-Hubert

Image not available

This image has been deleted by the owner.


What: On Thursdays, tartares and wine glasses are only $5 at this cozy neighbourhood joint in the Pleateau, so you can feel fancy without paying the price. Pst: they have vegetarian tartares, too.

Check out their next event!


Where: Several locations in the downtown core

What: VUA is one of the best places to get Bahn Mi in Montreal. Their cheap sandwiches are perfect for those days when you forgot your lunch on the kitchen counter and need to eat for cheap.

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Chez Claudette

Where: 351, ave Laurier E.

What: This classic dinner in the Mile End serves great comfort dishes, with most items on the menu coming in at less than $10.

Check it out!

Maam Bolduc

Where: 4351, ave. de Lorimier

What: This super cozy restaurant in the Plateau serves up some queb favourites at really great places. Whether you’re craving a poutine, a BLT or macaroni, you can have it here for under $10.

Check out their menu!

La Chilenita

Where: 130, rue Roy E.

What: This cozy restaurant serves authentic empanadas for under $10. It’s a great new place to try with friends on any cold day.

Find them on Facebook!


Where: 66, St-Viateur O. & 2145, Crescent

What: One of Montreal’s best Caribbean restaurants. You can choose between poutine, jerk chicken sandwiches, spicy patties, and many other options, all for under $10. Plus, the one on Crescent is also a rum bar — so make sure to take advantage of that.

Take a look at Lloydie’s website!


Where: 1641, rue St-Denis

What: This mexican eatery has a menu where you can get classics for $6.95, $8.95 or $9.95, depending on the dish. Combine that with a $9 drink or a $5 beer and you have yourself an inexpensive night out.

Check it out here!

Time Out Market

Where: Eaton Center

What: Although many of stalls at Montreal’s new upscale food court run a little over $10, you can try quite a few dishes here without breaking the bank. Go for tacos or try a chicken sandwich at Romados!

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Drogheria Fine

Where: 68, ave. Fairmount O.

What: Pasta may be a broke student staple, but gnocchi is like pasta’s sophisticated aunt. At Drogheria Fine, you can order a box of steaming hot gnocchi to go for only $5.

Check out the Facebook page!

Pizza Bouquet

Where: 32, rue Beaubien E.

What: This pizza joint located inside Beaubien’s Notre Dame des Quilles is one of the few Montreal joints that sell New-York style pizza by the slice. A slice will only set you back $3.75, so you can grab a few slices and still stay on budget.

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Restaurant Chez Sindibad

Where: 567, Chemin de la Côte-des-Neiges

Image not available

This image has been deleted by the owner.


What: This restaurant has one of the greatest vegetarian pitas in the city. For $10, you can get a heaping plate of shawarma, or burgers, or shish taouk.

Check out their menu!

That completes the list of restaurants where you can eat for under $10. Your wallet can thank me later.

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  • Montreal bar Hangar 51 is made especially for geeks and gamers with a retro game room and even some simulator pods.
  • Some of the colourful, glowing cocktails are inspired by video game characters.

Though it looks like the Pokémon-themed pop-up bar isn’t coming to Montreal after all, locals still have the opportunity to test their gaming skills while sipping some colourful cocktails. Hangar 51 on St-Laurent bills itself as « a different bar, for gaming or simply chilling in a rad geek spirit. »

« The bar offers a [relaxed] ambiance in an industrial decor stuffed with artifacts and fun collector’s items, » its Facebook page further explains.

Inside, a wide selection of games awaits.

Customers get free access to the retro room, its consoles, arcade games, and pinball with the purchase of one drink upon arrival.

For $8 per person, thrill-seekers can also try out the simulator pods. The immersive games take passengers on a wild ride through one of two scenarios presented on giant interior screens.

« With its retro-futurist simulators, its musical choice, and welcoming team, the Hangar 51 diffuses an incomparable techno mood where you can relax after work or have lots of fun with your friends. »

The cocktail creations are perhaps the main attraction.

Themed-drinks like the Pac-man and Metroid heighten the bar experience.

Hangar 51 confirmed to MTL Blog that there’s even a Pickachu cocktail.

Other beverages come with flashing lights and under bell jars filled with smoke.

The whole space feels like a speakeasy in the Star Trek universe.

The bar is host to a number of special events, as well.

In the month of March, alone, there’s a comedy night, speed dating event, karaoke, and a « special » Harry Potter quiz evening.

Then, on April 4, there’s a pop-up store featuring the work of local artists.

See all the upcoming events on the Hangar 51 Facebook page and get all the details you need below.

Hangar 51


Wednesday – Thursday: 5 p.m. – 1 a.m.
Friday: 5 p.m. – 2 a.m.
Saturday: 7 p.m. – 2 a.m.
Sunday: 7 p.m. – 11 p.m.

Where: 5691, blvd. St-Laurent

Why You Need To Go: For fun cocktails and even more fun games.


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